Ukrainian refugees


Universal Reading Foundation (FPC)


Q1 2022

About Universal Reading Foundation (FPC)

Universal Reading Foundation (FPC) is raising funds to supply books to Ukrainian refugee children in Poland and funds to Ukrainian publishers. The Foundation is a collective of more than 20 Polish publishers and distributors. Their goal is to provide these kids with a moment of normality, warmth, closeness and peace.


Donations for Loving Library’s United Kingdom Chapter will go directly to Ukrainian refugee kids ranging from 3 to 18-years old in Poland. You can contribute by purchasing books directly from the wishlist or by donating below.

Meet the Ambassador…


Dia is 12 years old and is based just outside of London. She is a dynamic and creative philanthropist who started her journey raising money for different causes at the age of 9 when she sumitted Kilimanjaro. She has raised money for the homeless in the Uk, humanitarian charities, a water pump in Malawi and helping deaf and mute children in Kilimanjaro. She’s taken part in teaching orphan children in Nepal and teaching mindfulness with a nonprofit organisation called Posifest (festivals to promote positivity). She loves to find ways to help people and to promote peace & positivity.

I love books, thanks to my parents I was listening to stories while I was still in my mum’s bump. Helping Anaik is awesome because helping everyone have access to books means access to a world full of new adventures no matter what they are going through.