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The Quint: This 9-Year-Old Is Winning Hearts With His ‘Loving Library’ For COVID Patients

Anaik Sachdev, a Sikh American, has been giving books to COVID patients and others to help them pass their time.

Anaik Singh Sachdev is one of the millions in the world whose family members got infected with COVID-19.

In his case, it was his grandmother who got admitted to the hospital.

“I’d face time her and I could see that she had nothing to do.”

Anaik, therefore, got her books to read so that she could pass her time.

What started out as something he’d do just for his grandmother went on to become a huge social initiative called “Anaik’s Loving Library”, in which hospitalised COVID patients were provided books by him so that they could escape their loneliness.

Its popularity exploded on the internet when Anaik got featured on TheEllenShow in appreciation for the good work that he is doing.

‘Selfless Giving ‘

The concept of ‘Sewa’ in Sikhism inspired Anaik to start this initiative.

“It means selfless giving. Give without expecting anything in return. It makes me really happy that I am helping someone with Sewa.”

He further went on to say that he didn’t want anything in return from those he was helping.

“I want to help them, and that makes my heart grow bigger. When other people feel happy, that makes me feel more happy.”

Anaik’s Loving Library has expanded its operations, and is not just about helping COVID patients anymore (which was his main goal in 2020).

During the second year of his library, he went on to help homeless people and even those affected by the tornado in Western Kentucky.

It doesn’t end there. In January 2022, his initiative is going to “help the paediatric burn unit.”

“Kids who got burnt and who go to the hospital, we’re going to be collecting kids books for them.”