Skid Row Los Angeles


Good Karma & Rukus Avenue Radio


Q3 2023

About Good Karma & Skid Row

The Good Karma Los Angeles Org is a non-profit organization with the goal of creating a community center where a good set of hands and kind-hearted people can serve in the areas of cooking three free hot meals a day, mentorship, for those in need of warmth and a smile. We’re The Sunday Meal Service in Skid Row and have consistently distributed over 500 meals, water bottles, snacks and care kits. We are partnering with Loving Library to build a library of reading materials for the children in Skid Row.

About Rukus Avenue Radio

Rukus Avenue Radio is the world’s most listened to South Asian digital podcast network with 9 million monthly listeners. In addition to creating diverse and compelling programming, we are committed to making a social impact. We want to make an impact with our listeners and activate change. Our focus to find cause in our work has always been at the center of our attention.


Donations for Loving Library’s Skid Row Los Angeles Chapter will go to provide books for children of all ages who live in Skid Row. You can contribute by purchasing books directly from the wishlist or by donating below:

Meet the Ambassador…


Kanav is 13 years old and lives in Chatsworth, CA. He loves basketball, music, reading, history, businesses, real estate, travel and helping people!

I am excited and honored to be an ambassador for Loving Library because I believe in the power of books. Books help spread knowledge and can inspire people to do great things in their life and in the world. We can learn so much from reading and I hope that the people we share books with on Skid Row will find inspiration, hope, and comfort through the community library.